Shelby Wright, BS

Shelby Wright

Shelby graduated from the University of Windsor in 2019 with an Honors Biology degree. Shelby has obtained research experience through a one-year undergraduate thesis on animal behavior and conservation as well as a 4-year master’s thesis on microbial genomics focusing on primer design, high-throughput transcription profiling, and next generation sequencing. She gained clinical and educational experience working as a pharmacy technician in a family health clinic as well as teaching an undergraduate genetics lab at the University of Windsor. Shelby completed training in psychosocial support through the Distress Center of Windsor and the John’s Hopkins RAPID Psychological First Aid online training program. She received her advocacy experience through BuddyHelp, a free online platform offered through BetterHelp to provide support to individuals in non-crisis situations. She learned about the profession through interviews with Canadian and American genetic counselors, attending university information sessions, reading literature and blogs, and listening to podcasts online. She enjoys reading, bike riding, watching movies, and spending time with her children and their dog.