As both State and Federal components of our budget retrench, it is private philanthropy that provides the critical edge of excellence in research and education for the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics.

Thank you for your interest in our mission. You can make a philanthropic gift right now at the link below.  In addition, some specific opportunities are outlined below, please call or email us to further discuss how you can have an impact:

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Naming opportunities
Major renovation of the 3rd floor of the Gordon Scott Hall of Basic Medical Sciences building for The Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics was completed in 2006. Additional renovations for Computational Biology were completed in 2013. These state of the art laboratory spaces offer a number of naming opportunities, including research laboratories, conference rooms, and interaction space, as well as the option of naming the Center itself, providing an enduring institution in honor of the giver's interest in advancing knowledge in genetics.


Unrestricted giving
Unrestricted funds go directly to the Center's most pressing needs, whether it is a cutting edge piece of equipment, training the next generation of scholars, or support for a young researcher who will help us get to the next biomedical frontier.


Endowed chairs
Endowing a faculty chair allows recruitment of faculty members to start or strengthen promising, cutting-edge programs. It also serves as a fitting and permanent memorial to the giver and to his or her concern for the Center's mission of molecular biology and genetics research.

Student Research Poster

The Center houses a full compliment of degree-granting programs through both the medical school and the university graduate school that prepare basic scientists, medical doctors, and allied health professionals for careers throughout the realms of academic and medical genetics. One of the prime foci of the Center is to expand our educational programs into multidisciplinary training programs, reflective of the extensive role genetics plays in all areas of health sciences. Opportunities exist to fund named lectureships, fellowships and scholarships in a variety of educational programs and topics of interest, which would provide a lasting legacy of learning benefiting our university's top students.