Stephen A. Krawetz, PhD

Stephen A. Krawetz, PhD
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Charlotte B. Failing Professor of Fetal Therapy and Diagnosis
Associate Director, C.S. Mott Center for Human Grown and Development
C.S. Mott, Rm 253
275 E. Hancock
Detroit, MI 48201


University of Toronto, PhD, 1983

Research Focus

His group has published over 200 manuscripts detailing the regulation of gene expression by chromatin structure emphasizing human spermatogenesis and its application to personalized medicine.  The interaction of genome structure and function continues to be highlighted throughout his research program. Over the last two decades, his group established that the fitness of the paternal contribution reflects the relative diversity of sperm RNAs that continually responds to the environment.  They showed that at fertilization the spermatozoon delivers a cadre of unique RNAs to the oocyte.  These RNAs may provide an essential component to early paternal genome reprogramming acting as genetic and epigenetic impactors of the fetal onset of adult disease.  They provide a personalized timestamp of the physical and reproductive health of Dad, providing the opportunity to develop a personalized blueprint promoting the birth and healthy life of his children.


Accepting new M.S. students in 2023/2024

Accepting new Ph.D. students in 2023/2024

Recent Publications

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