Maik Hüttemann, PhD

Maik Hüttemann, PhD
Professor of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology 
Division Director for Research, CMMG
Scott Hall, Rm 3214
540 E. Canfield Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201


Philipps University of Marburg, Germany, PhD, 1999

Research Focus

Our team studies mitochondrial function using genetic and biochemical approaches. We focus
on two key components of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation machinery, cytochrome c
oxidase (COX) and the small electron carrier cytochrome c (Cytc). COX is the terminal enzyme
of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, “burns” the oxygen we breathe to water, and pumps
protons across the inner mitochondrial membrane generating the mitochondrial membrane
potential, which is utilized by ATP synthase to produce energy in the form of ATP. Cytc has two
distinct functions: it delivers electrons to COX, but it also participates in programmed cell death

The overall goal of our work is to understand the regulation of COX and Cytc in normal and
disease conditions. This regulation, mediated through cell signaling, affects energy production,
free radical generation, and apoptosis. Research topics of the Hüttemann group under
investigation include 1) cell signaling pathways that act on COX and Cytc, which pathways are
often dysregulated in human diseases; 2) ischemia-reperfusion injury as seen in strokes and
heart attacks 3) cancer; 4) regulation including gene regulation of COX subunit isoforms; and 5)
novel strategies to boost mitochondrial function as a future treatment for diseases that manifest
themselves in a lack of energy and increased cell death; and, finally 6) we have discovered
specific wavelengths of infrared light that are absorbed by COX and make it possible for the first
time to noninvasively control mitochondrial function under conditions of acute stress, such as
ischemia-reperfusion injury as seen in stroke and other tissue injuries with a first clinical trial
starting within a year.


Accepting new M.S. students in 2023/2024

Not accepting new Ph.D. students in 2023/2024

Recent Publications

To view a full list of Dr. Hüttemann's publications please follow this link. 

Arroum, T., Hish, G. A., Burghardt, K. J., Ghaloush, M., Bazzi, B., Mrech, A., Morse, P. T., Britton, S. L., Koch, L. G., McCully, J. D., #Hüttemann, M.,  #Malek M. H. (2024) Mitochondria transplantation: rescuing innate muscle bioenergetic impairment in a model of aging and exercise intolerance. J Strength Cond Res, in press. [#co-senior authors] 
Note: This manuscript was given The Gary A. Dudley Memorial Paper: Scientific Manuscript Excellence Designation.

Arroum, T., Pham, L., Raisanen, T.E., Morse, P.T., Wan, J., Bell, J., Lax, R., Saada, A., #Hüttemann, M., # Weksler-Zangen, S. (2024) High Sucrose Diet-Induced Subunit I Tyrosine 304 Phosphorylation of Cytochrome c Oxidase Leads to Liver Mitochondrial Respiratory Dysfunction in the Cohen Diabetic Rat Model. Antioxidants, 13(1), 19; [ # co-senior authors]

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