Clinical and Laboratory Internships 

Specialty Internship (Winter, Year 2)

The purpose of the specialty internships in the last semester of training is to enhance students’ opportunities to provide genetic counseling (with supervision) and develop the ACGC practice-based competencies for a broad variety of genomic conditions. The overarching goals of the specialty internships are to enhance exposure to the medical (natural history, management), genomic (testing), and psychosocial aspects of a broad variety of conditions and to the providers who care for patients with these conditions (e.g, neurologists, nurses, pulmonologists, others).

Genetic counseling students will attend 2 three-week mini clinical rotations. Each mini clinical rotation will be focused on a particular specialty area of genetics with a variety of clinical opportunities depending on the specialty.  Students will have patient-related genetic counseling responsibilities including some opportunities for independent counseling, as well as some observational experiences. In addition to the clinic experiences, students will be expected to develop educational cases for other genetic counseling students, and present a synthesis of medical literature on a topic of their choosing. Here are some examples of Specialty Internship experiences.


Pediatric Specialty:

Women's Health/Cancer:


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