Genomics Services Center 

The Genomics Services Center provides basic sequencing services for Illumina-compatible library preparations. The sequencing services are performed on the NextSeq500 Illumina sequencer. Most customers currently provide libraries ready for sequencing that they prepared themselves and for which the Center offers sequencing at competitive prices. The Center also provides library QC and quantification services, using quantitative real-time PCR and the Agilent Bionalyzer. The Center has the potential to provide library preparation services and basic bioinformatics analyses. Please contact the Center directly if you are interested in these two types of services.

The NextSeq500 can generate a large number of sequencing reads in two modes: Mid Output (MO, with >130 million reads), and High Output (HO, with >400 million reads), with different single and paired-end read options (up to 75, 150 or 300 base pairs). The competitive rates are detailed below:

HO 75 cycles:   $1,772.20 
HO 150 cycles: $3,221.25  
HO 300 cycles: $5,019.54   
MO 150 cycles: $1,603.76  
MO 300 cycles: $2,368.70

Sample Specification Information 

Contact Information:

Adnan Alazizi, MS
Technical Director

Francesca Luca, PhD
Associate Professor, CMMG & Ob/GYN
Scientific Director

Roger Pique-Regi, PhD
Associate Professor, CMMG & Ob/GYN
Scientific Director