Procedures and Forms for MGG PhD Students

Written Qualifying Exam

Immediately after selecting a dissertation advisor, usually in May of the first year, students will take a Written Qualifying Exam.  The following form and instructions will be used to administer the exam.

Written Qualifying Exam form

Plan of Work

At the end of the first year, after selecting an advisor, students must submit a Plan of Work to the Graduate School.  The Plan of Work should be developed in consultation with the dissertation advisor and Graduate Director.  A typical MGG PhD Plan of Work has the following essential features: indication of the semester that all courses were taken or plan to be taken to complete the degree requirements; all required MGG courses (highlighted in the example), including at least 12 credits of MGG didactic courses; 10 credits per semester, 2 credits in the Summer terms; 10.5 credits during semesters when MGG 999x is being taken; four consecutive semesters (Fall-Winter-Fall-Winter) of MGG 9991, MGG 9992, MGG 9993, and MGG 9994, 7.5 credits per semester; total of 90 credits.  MD/PhD students include 30 credits transferred from MS1 and MS2, using the transfer of credit form.

Plan of Work – MGG PhD Example template
Link to online Plan of Work Form

Dissertation Prospectus / Oral Examination

At the end of the second year, students complete a written Dissertation Prospectus (a proposal for their dissertation research) and defend the proposal at an Oral Examination/Prospectus Meeting. Prior to the meeting, students submit the names of their committee members to the Graduate Director for approval by submitting the Prospectus form and the Candidacy form. A conflict of interest form should also be submittted prior to the meeting. Upon successful completion of the Oral Examination/Prospectus Meeting, students advance to Ph.D. Candidacy.

Links to online Prospectus Form and Candidacy Form.

Annual Committee Meeting and Student Reviews

After students complete their Dissertation Prospectus / Oral Examination they are required to have at least one dissertation committee meeting each year, or more often at the descretion of the advisor and committee.  A PhD Committee Meeting Report must be submitted after each meeting.

MGG PhD Committee Meeting Report

Dissertation and Final Defense

Preparing a dissertation

Link to Final Defense Forms


Other information for PhD students

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