Ahmodu Oladejo



  • B.S. in Biochemistry from Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Currently a first-year student in the MGG Ph.D. program 

I graduated from Lagos State University, Nigeria, where I had the opportunity to participate in research projects that focused on application of computational technologies and statistical methods in identification of alternative and effective therapy for cancer and malaria. In my final year, I was involved in a research project that aimed to identify antipsychotic agents that could be repurposed against targets of angiogenesis pathways, since antipsychotics interfere with all hallmarks of cancer including angiogenesis. My research resulted in identification of Risperidone as a potential antipsychotic agent that can be repurposed to inhibit angiogenic pathways in cancer patients and subjected to further studies for cancer therapy.  My undergraduate experience indeed reinforced my interest in computational biology research. I hope to pursue a career as a bioinformatics research scientist, who leverages the potential of computational approach to identify novel therapeutics for human health challenges. I am confident that the CMMG PhD program will provide me with the advance research opportunities to achieve my career goals and also contribute to knowledge. When I am not occupied with genomic data or community service, I am probably writing a poem or watching a movie.