Amanda Paskavitz


  • B.A. in Integrative Biology from Skidmore College, Sarasota Springs, New York
  • Currently a first-year student in the MGG Ph.D. program (third-year student in the MD/PhD program)

Between my undergraduate studies and beginning the MD/PhD program, I have worked in multiple labs in multiple fields, ranging from environmental chemistry, to developmental molecular biology, to cardiac MRI. Each of these experiences drew me closer to pursuing both an MD and PhD and career as a physician scientist. Now, I am interested in how environmental exposures alter the epigenome, particularly of sperm, and how these changes influence reproductive outcomes. I am also interested in biomarker development and reproductive outcome prediction models using novel biomarkers. During my PhD, it is my goal to learn how to analyze large -omics datasets using computational and bioinformatic methods. It’s my ultimate goal as a physician scientist to identify gaps in clinical knowledge that impact my future patients, and address those questions in the lab.