Habiba Elshenawy

Habiba Elshenawy


  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), Egypt
  • Currently a first-year student in MGG MS program

During my undergraduate studies at MSA University, I was captivated by the Genetics and Molecular biology world with how our genes define us. This fascinates me to do internships in genetics labs where I had the privilege to observe and apply different molecular biology techniques in identifying mutant genes for cancer treatment. During my senior year, I got the chance to work on my undergraduate graduation projects that studied the association of TNFα-308A/G gene polymorphism and cancer cachexia.

This deepened my passion for the human genetics field until I got accepted to work as a pharmacogenetics lab specialist at the Personalized Medication Management Unit (PMMU) at Children’s Cancer Hospital (CCHE) 57357 in Egypt.

The PMMU lab is a pioneering unit in Egypt that draws on genotyping techniques to reduce the risk of toxicity in cancer patients. This experience illuminated the potential of molecular profiling in patient diagnosis and the development of personalized medicine for cancer, reaffirming my belief in the integration of genetics into healthcare.

I am eager to pursue my graduate studies in the molecular genetics and genomics program at Wayne State University. Pursuing my masters in The CMMG program will be an outstanding phase in not only achieving my professional interest but also an opportunity to become a competent researcher capable of addressing genetic-related challenges with advanced methodologies.