Summer Undergraduate Research Program 2017

Arushana Ali

University of Houston (Kezhong Zhang, PhD)

Airborne PM2.5 Pollution Causes Hepatic Steatosis in Mice

Zachary Armstrong

Adrian College (Henry H.Q. Heng, PhD)

Stress Response and Genome Instability

Sarah Clark

Youngstown State University (Stephen Krawetz, PhD)

BMI as a predictor of marked changes in sperm RNA

Andrew Freiman

Grand Valley State University (Francesca Luca, PhD & Roger Pique-Regi, PhD)

Studying Protein-DNA Interactions with Electromobility Shift Assays

Ramasahitya Karra

Wayne State University (Alexander Gow, PhD)

An Exploration of the OBiden Model

Naveen Karthik

Case Western Reserve University (Tiffany Cook, PhD)

Role of the Chromatin Modifier G9a in Color Photoreceptor Fate Decisions in Drosophila

William Schwartz

University of Michigan (Lawrence Grossman, PhD)

Screening for Small Molecule Modulators for Abl 2 Kinase (ARG) Levels



Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics
3127 Scott Hall, 540 E. Canfield
Detroit MI 48201