Stephanie Gladyck


  • BSc in Forensic Science from Madonna University (MI)
  • MSc in Foresnsic Science from Syracuse University (NY)
  • Currently a fourth year student in MGG PhD program

My attraction to the biological sciences has always been because of its helpful nature with regard to the human condition. My research background thus far has been using ancient DNA as a means of human identification, focusing on maternal ancestry. This research incorporated both molecular and anthropological techniques. Ancient DNA work piqued my interest in human variation as well as the mitochondrial genome and their function. I was attracted to the MGG PhD program not only because of the high-quality of research and faculty members, but also the collaborative nature encouraged by the Center. Additionally, I wanted to broaden my knowledge of molecular biology and gain more research experience in order to prepare for a career in academia.

Advisor: Lawrence Grossman, PhD