Sadaf Saba


  • B.S. from Shahid Beheshti University
  • M.S. from Shiraz University 
  • Currently a third year student in the MGG PhD program

Throughout my undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences and as I participated in research projects I found my interest in the field of Genetics deepening. After completing my master’s thesis involving functional studies of a cataract-causing mutation, I took part in several clinical research studies. Studying how particular mutations in neonatal diabetic cases and a group of infertile male adults can help both physicians and patients in following improved treatment strategies gave me a real sense of the promise of personalized medicine. As I became more fascinated by the increasing role of genetics in healthcare, I became more and more determined to continue my education where I can successfully bring my research from bench to beside. The cutting-edge research done at the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics (CMMG) as well as its close collaborations with local hospitals and clinics provides an excellent opportunity to do translational research. Therefore, as a CMMG PhD student at Wayne State University, I believe I will acquire the necessary foundation for my future career in medical genetics research. 

Advisor: Jun Li, MD, PhD, FAAN