Paul Morse 

Yang Zhao 

  • BS in Chemistry from Grand Valley State University Frederik Meijer Honors College
  • Currently a first-year student in the MGG MD-PhD program

My purpose in undertaking graduate study in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics (CMMG) at Wayne State University is to contribute to genetics research and to develop my skills in preparation for a career as a physician-scientist. With the rise of personalized medicine, many disease courses and treatment efficacies are increasingly stratified based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup. I am excited by the current progress of this research and hope to one day contribute to it during my professional life.

After graduating from the Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University, I matriculated to Wayne State University School of Medicine, where I am currently a second-year student. Medical school has been a challenge that, while difficult, is rewarding. During my first-year coursework, I realized that I was interested in the field of genetics. Medical school alone will not provide the strong background in research that I desire. The graduate program at the CMMG will allow me to further my professional development and is the perfect fit for my goals. I will learn about cellular biology, molecular medicine, and genetics. The unique interdisciplinary approach of your program, which encompasses everything from basic research to clinical application, will enable me to be both the best scientist and the best physician that I can be.