Anthony Findley

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  •  B.S. in Genomics and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University
  • Currently a second year student in the MGG MD-PhD program
  • NIH F30 4-year fellowship recipient: National Institute of General Medical Sciences 

As an undergraduate majoring in Genomics and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University, I joined a lab that developed genetic tools in probiotic bacteria. During the years that followed, my interest in genetics and its potential applications to human health solidified. I joined the MD/PhD program at Wayne State due to the unique clinical experiences presented by the city of Detroit and the outstanding research opportunities in the School of Medicine. I am interested in the role that genetic variation plays in human health and how this information can be used clinically to better predict, identify, and treat disease.

Advisors: Francesca Luca, PhD & Roger Pique-Regi, PhD