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Welcome to the Heng Laboratory home page.

The lab of Dr. Henry H.Q. Heng is located in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics at the Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan.  The laboratory is on the third floor of Scott Hall.

We conduct peer-reviewed research in the fields of cancer and organismal evolution.  Specifically, we focus on progression and evolution by following the genome context (the DNA sequence and the genomic topology), observing genomic alterations, and monitoring the heterogeneity of these aberrations, which is ultimately the driving force.  We use a variety of molecular and cytogenomic techniques to achieve our goals.  In particular, by studying both the cell population and individual cells, we can apply the genome theory and direct visualization systems (e.g. SKY) to study the genome structure, function, and evolution dynamics.  We welcome you to explore our studies and encourage you to visit our blog, which provides "real-time" perspectives of research within and outside of our group.

The following are various journal covers featuring our publications.