Gillian Spitzley


Gillian Spitzley graduated with honors from Wayne State University in 2016 with concurrent degrees in Biology and Psychology. As an undergraduate, she was a research assistant in the Social Cognitive Affective Neurodevelopment (SCAN) lab where she was a member of the epigenetics and follow-up teams and completed her senior thesis in genetic factors influencing cognitive development. After graduation, she volunteered at University of Michigan’s cancer genetics clinic and was a research assistant in the Department of Psychiatry. Gillian completed four years of advocacy work at Common Ground crisis line before serving as the Online Emotional Support coordinator prior to starting school. She also spent a year working as a genetic counseling assistant at Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she assisted with the newborn screening program. Outside of class, Gillian enjoys true crime, cooking, playing roller derby, and spending time with her corgis, Darwin and Hazel.