Scott Baughan

Coming Soon
  • B.S. from Saginaw Valley State University
  • Currently a second year student in the MGG PhD program

I started research as an undergraduate at Saginaw Valley State University after developing an interest in molecular biology as a high school student. While at Saginaw Valley I applied for and received a SCRI grant to study the effects on inserting Heterocephalus Glaber  CDKN2A into human MCF10A cells, successfully completing my thesis with this project. I chose Wayne State University as the ideal place to continue my studies because of the immense research opportunity and resources available here, as well as the proximity to Karmanos Cancer Institute and the major Detroit hospitals, enabling WSU to conduct groundbreaking translational research. My current interests are centered on genetic susceptibility to cancer and response to chemotherapy.  At Wayne State, I hope to gain foundational and advanced research skills to enable me to become a successful future researcher and clinician.