Marissa Petitpas

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  • BS in Biology, University of Michigan - Dearborn, Honors College
  • Currently a third year student in the MGG MS program

As an undergraduate, I pursued diverse coursework in Biology, from Behavioral Biology to Embryology to Population Genetics, and also maintained my interest in writing and philosophy through the Honors College at the University of Michigan - Dearborn and my minor in English.  Throughout my studies, Genetics remained at the fore of my interests and fields to pursue a career in.

I had no research experience during my undergraduate education, which was the first thing that drew me to Wayne State: this university's prestigious history and wealth of opportunities in research, especially in the programs of the CMMG, drew me in instantly.

I'm currently unsure of my specific subfield in Genetics nor my research topic, but I have interests in Epigenetics, Cancer Genetics, and Developmental Genetics, among others. 

Above all else, I want to pursue research that will help people, and I have no doubt that CMMG and its Master's Program will set me on the right path to do so.