Stephen Hippleheuser

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  • B.A. in Biological Sciences from Northwestern University
  • Currently a first-year student in the MGG MS program

I discovered that I had a strong passion for the field of genetics during my undergraduate research, which provided me an opportunity to see firsthand the diverse group of problems that could be approached with a genomic toolset. After graduating Northwestern University with a degree in the Biological Sciences with a Genetics and Genomic focus in 2017, I spent two years working at Argonne National Lab doing microbiology research, where I was able to continue to employ my knowledge of genetics to push further into unexplored territory. It is my pleasure to be able to continue my education at Wayne State in the MGG MS program. I chose the program because the research opportunities offered by the MGG program are exceptional, and I am eager to both apply what I have previously learned to advance my research and to further expand my knowledgebase in order to grow as a researcher. With the support of the MGG program, I believe I will become well equipped to effectively carry out whatever scientific investigations present themselves to me.