Jenna Isherwood

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  • B.S. from University of Michigan in Anthropology
  • Currently a third year student in the MGG PhD program

Throughout my undergraduate career, and after the completion of my degree from the University of Michigan, I worked in anthropological genetic research as a student researcher and then as a research technician and lab manager. My work focused on investigating genetic adaptations in response to high altitude hypoxia through SNP genotype/phenotype associations. It was this ability to better understand human population histories and the consequences they have on human populations today that I discovered through anthropological genetic research that piqued my interest in pursuing further genetics research. I found Wayne State University’s Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics to be a research center very open to the idea of looking at genetics research through a more macroscopic anthropological perspective, and found that my research interests fit very well into the program.

Advisor: Douglas Ruden, PhD