Ashley Cosenza


Ashley graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2016 with a BS in Honors Biology and a concentration in Applied Genetics. As an undergraduate, Ashely worked as a Teaching Assistant and served as the Student Dean of the University Honors Program. She also conducted research in the Genetics lab where she mapped and characterized a novel allele of Capping Protein a (Cpa) in D. melanogaster. After graduating, Ashley worked for two years as a Medical Case Manager at Unified: HIV Health & Beyond where she assisted clients with understanding and managing their HIV. To gain better insight into the profession, she also worked as a Genetic Counseling Assistant at Progenity, Inc. where she worked on various projects involving NIPT, prenatal carrier screening, and  Genetic Counseling licensure. In her free time, Ashley enjoys trying new restaurants with friends and family, true crime podcasts, and walking her dog, Milo.