Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

Since the American College of Medicine recommended newborn screening for at least 29 inborn errors of metabolism there has been a significant increase in the number of patients who benefit from early diagnosis and treatment of their disease. Therefore, there is a great demand for clinicians who specialize in medical biochemical genetics. DMC/WSU offers a one-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in medical biochemical genetics. This program is available to individuals who have completed a medical genetics and geneomics residency and desire further training in the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. Children's Hospital of Michigan is the designated newborn screening follow-up program for the State of Michigan, allowing for exposure to a wide variety of metabolic disieases.  The medical biochemical genetics fellow receives extensive training in biochemical genetics, becoming proficient in diagnosing, treating and counseling patients with these conditions, as well as their family members. They spend 11 months of the one-year program in the metabolic clinic receiving hands-on training of inborn errors of metabolism and at least one month in the on-site biochemical genetics laboratory. In addition, there are numerous didactic sessions to enhance the fellow’s knowledge base. After the completion of this program, the fellow would be eligible for board certification in medical biochemical genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics.

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