Sophia Chaudhry

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Oakland University (MI)
  • Master of Science in Biology from Oakland University (MI)
  • Currently a fourth year student in the MGG PhD Program

Towards the end of my undergraduate degree I conducted research in a molecular biology laboratory at Oakland University which led me into entering their biological science Masters program. My thesis research was on the conservation of sequence repeats in the Plasmodium species. I was able to incorporate aspects of both molecular biology and genetics into my research, as well as taking the opportunity to teach a few related courses to undergraduate students. I knew that Wayne State University’s Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics would be a great place to pursue my interests in genetics and molecular biology. With the cutting-edge research being conducted, as well as a wide range of research opportunities, my time in the MGG PhD program will allow me to garner the tools necessary to be successful in my future career goals.

Advisor: Michael Tainsky, PhD