Douglas Depoorter 


  • Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, Wayne State University 
  • Currently a first year student in the MGG MS program

I first became interested in molecular biology as an undergraduate in the Wayne State Biological Sciences program through coursework and a bit of research in a lab. After graduating with my BS in 2013, I spent some time at Purdue University where my coursework and research focused on Molecular Signaling and Cancer Biology. While I enjoyed the cancer aspects, I found myself specifically interested in the genetics of cancer and the impact that the discoveries made in the wake of the human genome project will have on the disease (such as personalized medicine and the roles of non-coding RNAs). Thus, the Wayne State MS program in Molecular Genetics and Genomics seemed like an apt place to continue my education. Ultimately, I believe the program will afford me with the opportunity to continue exploration of these topics in my future exploits, which, for now, are somewhat undefined, but will hopefully become more concrete through the course of the program.