The Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics accepts applications for four separate graduate training programs, all of which begin in the fall term each academic year.

PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics
This program emphasizes eukaryotic biology and genetics with distinct applications to molecular medicine. The emerging scientific discipline of molecular medicine combines unique approaches for solving complex problems associated with human development and disease, including the use of model organisms such as yeast, drosophila, chick and mouse.

MD/PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics
An exciting, new MD/PhD program has been created within the WSU School of Medicine which is aimed at highly intelligent and motivated individuals! The program has been designed to offer an extraordinary educational opportunity, combining outstanding basic science training, including translational research, with state-of-the-art clinical medicine.

This recently instituted program is designed to provide an integrated approach to new genetic technologies and bioinformatic analysis of the information they generate to students oriented toward careers in this exciting new area.

MS in Genetic Counseling
This competitive program integrates scientific knowledge and counseling skills with a variety of clinical and laboratory experiences. The program is designed to be completed in two years on a full-time schedule. Up to four students will be admitted each academic year.

For more information about CMMG graduate programs contact:

Graduate Officer Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
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